The Bride

New Adult Contemporary Romance

April 6 - Digital Release!


So here’s the deal. I’m sixteen and I’m getting married. Super weird, I know. My dad is a cattle rancher in Montana. Or he was, until he died suddenly, leaving me an orphan (which is still a thing). I’m sixteen months away from being a legal adult, so I have two choices.

Foster home, or married. To Jake Talley. The foreman of the ranch and my best friend. It’s legal. It solves all my problems. Except now I’m living with Riverbend’s hottest cowboy - my husband (in name only of course) - and I’m still in high school. Trust me, no one wants to date Weird Married Ellie. But it’s cool.

We’ve got this. Right?


I’m twenty-six, and I never saw this coming. Married. To a kid I’ve known her whole life. But there was no way in hell I was going to let her live at a foster home, instead of at the ranch where she belongs. Sure we’re married but it’s not real. Just a piece of paper. My girlfriend is furious but I know I’m doing the right thing - for Ellie. For sixteen months, it’s me and her against the world - until the divorce.

No big deal.

Or is it?


Romantic Times Award Winning and Rita Nominated Author

Catching The Billionaire

Sexy Edgy Romantic Suspense

November 13 Digital Release!

There's a fine line between love... and lies.

Officer Sinead O'Hara was just answering a house alarm call. She couldn't have predicted the man standing at the front door was going to change her life forever. David Whitemore, a hot, rich, Brit is completely out of her league. When he suddenly asks her out, Sinead decides to shake up her dull, boring life. Who wouldn't want to be Cinderella for a day?

David is the kind of man she can't say no to. The kind of man who pushes her limits in and out of bed. The kind of man she can't help falling in love with. The kind of man who has dangerous secrets. Secrets that could put her life in jeopardy. David knows the only way to protect Sinead is to run from her. He didn't expect her to follow. Can she catch him?

He hopes so.

The Bad Assassin

Sexy Edgy Romantic Suspense

May 10th Digital Release!

Zeke Rodgers, the government's most deadly agent, is known only as the Poltergeist. He's on the run, and getting lost is the only way to stay alive. Luckily Hope's Point Alaska, is the end of the world. Now he's living a quiet life, his past a memory.

It's all about to go to hell.

When Eve Donner stumbles into Hope's Point to do research, she's the only woman in a world of uncivilized men. One man has decided she's worth protecting - but Eve has no idea her new bodyguard is one of the most badass killers alive.

Zeke's past quickly catches up to him and bullets start to fly. However, he can't keep his mind - or his hands - off the sexy scientist.

He'll have to find a way. Because he can protect her, or he can trust her.

He can't do both.

‘I think we've come to the point of our relationship where we at least understand each other.’
'Dude, we do not have a relationship.'
'We've had a few dates.'
'You don't date.'
'You've made me cookies.'
'Because I was trying to bribe you.'
'I brought you flowers.'
'Through two really secure locks.'